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~ Anti Spam

ORF Enterprise Edition Rating:  (218 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: June 25, 2008
ORF Enterprise Edition is an anti-spam solution that helps you to block spam before it reaches your network. ORF uses a combination of anti-spam technologies and custom filtering options to stop the spam on SMTP protocol level. ORF can be used with Microsoft Exchange Servers and the IIS SMTP Service shipped with Microsoft Windows.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$239 / server
:: Company ::Vamsoft Ltd. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.vamsoft.com
:: Email ::orf@vamsoft.com

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Comments for ORF Enterprise Edition:
"Fantastic Product" - Andrew [April 24, 2009] Product Rating: 5/5
Works an absolute treat!!! I implemented the trial version on Friday night, it is now Monday morning and it has blocked/rejected about 3000 emails with only 2 false-positives and no clients have received any SPAM yet. I'm no mathematician but I think that works out to about 99.9% detection rate. I can handle those odds. I will be recommending this to my management and our clients.
"Best one out there." - Kurt [August 6, 2007] Product Rating: 5/5
We use this at the EC. It's simply brilliant, kicking out 30 million+ spams a month. Never had any issues with it. Support is what I'd call amazing. Friendly people, helpfull, and if you've got a request (which happens all the time over here) they do their outmost to have it integrated. I've got only one word for them: SUPERB.
"ORF is the best defense against spam deluge" - Texter Vaid [April 23, 2007] Product Rating: 5/5
I was called in to help a company which was getting over 100,000 emails spams and attacks (including smtp leeches who hung on the smtp server and drained the mail server).

ORF easily on a windows server 2003 server defended the spam and since its got ahandle on the SMTP session, saves resources, cleans up spam and does a battery of tests smoothly before it filters out only genuine emails to your mailbox.

The support is allright from vamsoft , they are helpful.

The best ant-spam product out there.
"Fantastic" - Paul [July 5, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Excellent value and a great performer. ORF has the ability to work with expressions, which I like. I run it in front of my Exchange/GFI server as a smart host for multiple domains. I sometimes get spam in excess of 30K per hour, and it handles it with ease. Its the Best (non unix based) relay app out there.
"Best Exchange or IIS smtpsvc spam filter" - C. Frank Bernard [June 5, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
I've been using ORF since early 2003. After initial $198 (regardless of employees/mailboxes/email addresses/volume), it 's only $99 for a year's worth of upgrade insurance. It binds to a Microsoft smtpsvc (e.g. IIS SMTP 5 or 6 transport level) allowing filtering such as: A/MX record check, inclusive/exclusive white/blacklists for email addresses and IP addresses, cacheable DNS blacklists (SpamCop, Spamhaus, SORBS, etc.), Tarpitting, maintains a duration-customizable triplet Greylist database (blocks p&d/spambots/zombies), broken sender FQDN, regex customizable HELO domain blacklisting (e.g., blacklisting non-bracketed IP addresses used as HELO/EHLO), SPF1 record lookups--all performed at either the "Before Arrival" filtering point (before delivery of message header/body/attachments) and/or the "On Arrival" filtering point (when the message DATA/body/attachments arrive). It also has customizable On Arrival-only actions (Drop/pretend protocol failure, Redirect, Tag) based on regular expressions, lookups of body website links against SURBL and URIBL, and external agents such as ClamAV.
"Ridiculously Good" - Mike [February 23, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
ORF Enterprise Edition 2.1 is an excellent product. Anyone looking to take the load directly off a corporate mail server with an SMTP gateway for spam or any other setup should at least give this product a try.

If you have ever had a Dictionary Harvest Attack on your Corporate Exchange or SMTP server don't even think twice about trying this. By setting up this software on a stand-alone server to take the brunt of all emails this product has eliminated ever having these problems again. With features like tarpit delay you can even fight back a little bit against annoying spammers. Oh yah and not to mention when properly configured this will detect about 95% - 99% of spam with an incredibly low false-positve rate. The best I have seen so far hands down. Oh yah and it is $198.00!@ Are you kidding me?! I feel like I'm stealing from Vamsoft at this price.
"Awesome" - Ari [February 23, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Best spam filtering. Blocks 75% of inbound messages - less than 0.01% false positive rate using CBL, DSBL, Spamcop, SBL+XBL, SURBL blacklisting, Auto Sender whitelist, SPF testing, Active directory test, tarpit delay, & greylisting. AWESOME PACKAGE!!!!
"very very good !" - Lex Penrose [February 7, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
yes , absolutely agree this is a very good spamfilter. Never crashes , finds 70% of the spam , which is astonishing since we have another spamfilter in front of this one that .. is supposed to catch all of it lol

I especially like the auto sender whitelist function.
I miss a disclaimer function , but I will email them to add it.
"Love it..." - Gerald E Hoffmeister Jr [September 20, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
Can't beat it for $99. Blocks over 90% of the mail coming into my domains, IMF gets almost all the rest of the spam.
"Best $99 I've ever spent!" - Shawn [July 2, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
This is THE best mail filtering product I've ever seen/used. It supports DNSRBLs, RDNS lookups, RegEx-based keyword filtering, RegEx-based attachment filtering, IP/Sender whitelist/blacklist, and AD lookups (to prevent RNDRs - which saved one of my client's Exchange 2000 environments!). Can beat it for $99. Also, despite being overseas their support staff communicates very clearly and understands their product inside and out.
"Excelent" - Sverre [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
We have been plagued NDR relay attacs overwhelming our Exchange 2003 server. This product saved us. The Excahnge server could hardly be kept running for a day before it crashed, receiving 20 - 30 000 mails to non existent users in our domain. Now these are blocked before entering Exchange.
"Super!!" - Henri [April 26, 2004]
This product is super! Easy to install & does exactly what is should do. Together with GFI ME, you realy can rid of almost all your spam.
"Cant Beat it for 99 bucks" - Chris W [April 12, 2004]
The best 99 dollar investment I have ever made. My clients are extremely happy!
"Crashed my server" - Joeroger1 [February 5, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Installed fine. Works great. But after I uninstalled so I can demo other products my M drive was gone, no Public folder access the I.S. would not start. Luckily I figured out how to fix it myself using regedit. Got GFI's software instead.
"Be careful" - John [December 16, 2003] Product Rating: 4/5
ORF EE does exactly what it is supposed to do and with this it may subscribe to a blacklist that has recently been plagued with mimail virus false positive IP addresses.

Mimail attacks RDBLs adding legitimate mail server IP addresses causing ORF to eventually block all inbound mail.
"Just Great" - Chris Norris [September 9, 2003]
After getting fed-up with the growing amount of spam filling my inbox I decided to look for a solution.
I wanted ease-of-use, reliability, very low false-positives and of course, low cost.
VAMSoft ORF at $99 did all that for me.
"Works as advertised" - DonBar [July 3, 2003]
Since we installed we're blocking thousands of spams per month. Yeah, a few get through but the vast majority are blocked and it's saving our company thousands in lost productivity spent deleting spam and putting in manual blocks.
"" - Patrick [May 21, 2003]
I implemented this on Our Exchange 2000 Servers. We block Thousands of messages a day.
"careful" - Patrick [November 28, 2002]
This sucker seems to work as planned but if it can not connect to a black list server it allows relaying.... uninstalling seems to leave the server vulnerable to relaying despite the settings in exchange not to allow relaying.

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