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XWall for Microsoft Exchange Rating:  (124 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: February 26, 2010
The XWall is a server based spam filter that works. It's that simple. Ask anybody or try it yourself. XWall for Microsoft Exchange (5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 including SB versions 32/64bit) and standard SMTP mail servers offers a wide variety of filters to combat spam, junk mail, email viruses, dangerous attachments and many other undesired email situations. XWall may attach disclaimers to outgoing email, and can archive all in and outgoing email. XWall keeps a detailed daily log including several informative statistics.

XWall works with Microsoft Server NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008 Standard, Enterprise and Small Business. It also can be placed on a MS Home server, 2000 Pro, XP or Vista workstation. Microsoft may limit the number of connections on some workstation OS. XWall is available in 32 and 64 bit versions.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Ceratec Inc. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.xwall.net
:: Email ::support@ceratec.net

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Comments for XWall for Microsoft Exchange:
"Tested, tried and true" - Jonathan Lang [July 30, 2007] Product Rating: 4/5
I tested XWall v3.4 on Windows Exchange 2003 and found it to be very effective. This allows users to block unwanted spam and the product adds the spam to the list of unwanted. This product is VERY easy to install and configure. XWall works great on the Exchange server or an ISA server that is sitting on the DMZ.

If you like the DOS look, XWall has the look. They also provide an Admin window, not sexy, but it does get the job done. It plays nice with the Virus protector and no need for extra configurations.
"We chose XWall ..." - Marius Gaudin [May 17, 2007]
... after comparing it against the competition:

- Fair one-time price to protect unlimited users on one server
- Unlimited domains, flexible domain aliases
- Compatible with any SMTP Server, not just MS Exchange
- Latest technology (Greylisting, Central Checksum Service)
- Flexible and very configurable even for advanced requirements
- Easy scaling with standard server farm features
- Recipient verification using LDAP or Active Directory import
- Interface to add your own antispam checks (e.g. OCR Image scanning)
- Antivirus integration using any commandline scanner(s)
- SSL/TLS and S/MIME at server level
- Disclaimers per domain, sender or recipient
- History for archiving or debugging purposes
- Stable operation with a minimum of operating
- Detailed logging, simple traffic monitoring with MRTG
- Excellent support from the distributor and online user forum

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