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Exclaimer Mail Utilities for Exchange Rating:  (62 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: November 24, 2010
Exclaimer Mail Utilities provides tools for email branding, email signatures, auto-responding, forwarding, email blocking, anti-spam and anti-virus, whilst ensuring your organisation meets all disclaimer compliance regulations.

Maintain your corporate brand image through the use of personalised signatures branded with your company logo, and insert dynamic information from your Active Directory based on individual users. Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an extremely effective rules based tool that enables the easy management of corporate email. Download a free trial today and see how Mail Utilities can maximise your email efficiency.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$210
:: Company ::Exclaimer Ltd - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.exclaimer.com
:: Email ::sales@exclaimer.com

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Comments for Exclaimer Mail Utilities for Exchange:
"Most powerful, easy and light disclaimer, Anti-virus and Anti-spam" - Yousef Lafi [March 21, 2011] Product Rating: 5/5
I will take more than one side in consideration regarding this great solution.

First is the software features and capabilities.

- very easy integration with Active Directory: It’s the easiest software that can be integrated with Active Directory then to access every single attribute in an efficient and dynamic way.

-Various Signature Design: You can design various signatures as much as you can and brand all outgoing email for a professional look including creative layouts and graphics, then access every template through access rules.

-Journal Email Messages: you can do the automatic CC or BCC for specific emails depending on specific rules.

-Dynamic Mail design: ability to control email header, footer, body, replies and forwards when it’s being accessed as email attributes, so you can include them or place them where ever you want in the email.

- Effective Mail Anti-Spam Module: have a strong Anti-Spam module integrated with your exchange server, which is efficient and easy to configure and use with all smart features that exists in any strong Anti Spam.

-Integrated Zero-Hour Virus Protection: Additional feature to make this software complete and strong enough to protect and manage your email flow through the organization.

I have downloaded this software only to use the email signature and disclaimers, but with all of these additional features, it became interesting solution to manage everything you want regarding the email from the same place.

Second is the Exclaimer as company:
I have contacted them after downloading the software, what I have to say is the support that I had through my trial period was perfect and it reflects how much they are professional and caring about service delivery and customer support quality.

Finally: you don't need to have a strong background in exchange administration in order to deal with the software, which means it has a very easy user friendly interface.

Yousef Lafi
IT Coordinator
INJAZ for the Creation of Economic Opportunities for Jordanian Youth
"Greatest tool for managing Signatures and Disclaimers" - michael [December 21, 2009] Product Rating: 5/5
Among all the products out there on the net this is eefinitely the most cost effective and mature product in this area. Very ease to install, intuative and doing it's job without any need of maintanace.
"Mail Utilities" - Eray [December 2, 2009] Product Rating: 5/5
Installing mail utilities is very easy and it has a very good performance.
Setup and forget that its working.
Adding images and .gif files to outgoing mails is very useful.
We have about 1500 mailboxes and very hard email traffic; Mail Utilities is doing its work very well.
I recommend to everyone who looks for a central email signature and disclaimer solution.
Thanks for Exclaimer team.
"Doesn't quite tick all the boxes" - JK [January 30, 2008] Product Rating: 3/5
I agree with all the comments posted here but unfortunately, Exclaimer couldn't provide the particular requirements that we have. On searching the forums, we found the only resolution was to edit the Registry.

Requirement : When an email is sent to me@tot.com, send an autoresponse and also forward the mail to you@tot.com.

The software was unable to process both requirements, only one or the other without the registry change which we were not prepared to do. Otherwise a very good and stable piece of software.
"Simple, fuss free and cost effective - this works!" - Rebecca [October 22, 2007] Product Rating: 5/5
Simple, fuss free and cost effective! Once we had downloaded the free trial we knew within a matter of days that this was the mail utilities solution for us. We wanted something that simply added the disclaimers to every email and not have to rely on individuals adding one each time. Being based in the UK we have to by law have certain information on our emails - with Exclaimer Mail Utilities I am safe in the knowledge that every email that I send out regardless of whether I am working from home or out on the road will have the legally required information on each one. An excellent easy to use product - thank you!
"Easy to install, no hassle, great support" - Harry [November 20, 2006] Product Rating: 4/5
I had downloaded several other "mail utility" programs - we needed to add disclaimers for a customer of ours - and Exclaimer was the most straightforward to install. You just download, double click, follow the prompts and you're done.

Also their support was good, I sent an email and got an answer back rapidly with exactly the right answer.

But best of all, these guys seem to understand what SBS customers need - keep up the good work!
"Exclaimer" - Jay Bradley [July 19, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Great stable product packed with features. Once installed and configured it needs no attention. I Would recommend it to any MS Exchange enviromnet large or small.
"Very simple to use and very powerful" - Tom G. [January 7, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
We tried several disclaimer products before finding Exclaimer. It was the only one that could automatically select a disclaimer to use based on any of the Active Directory attributes of the sender and it was the only one that could handle the large volume of mail we are sending without causing problems on our Exchange server. Top quality software, robust and well designed.

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