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POPcon Rating:  (258 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: November 17, 2010
POPcon Exchange POP3 and IMAP Connector connects your mailboxes to your Exchange™ or Lotus Domino™ Server.

POPcon periodically downloads your emails from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes and distributes them to exchange mailboxes according to the recipient information found in the mail headers. It supports multiple domains and multiple POP3 as well as POP3-SSL, IMAP and IMAP-SSL mailboxes of both single-drop and multi-drop type.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$89
:: Company ::Servolutions Inc. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.servolutions.com
:: Email ::support@servolutions.com

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Comments for POPcon:
"Fine!" - Fernando [March 27, 2008]
Had this problem to configure a pop downloader for my exchange 2007, and now discovered the POPcon. Quick and easy to set up, it solve my problems. I recomend!
"Support is fantastic!" - Dennis [March 14, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
I have installed POPcon several times and had minor issues (all of them because of Exchange configuration problems) and in all instances got great support. They seem to have added a support issue tracking software as well.
"Superb software for the money" - Andy [September 22, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I've been running PopCon for years on exchange 5.5 and 2000. Once you get to know its ins and outs - the antivirus upgrade problem is quite common but I was able to resolve it quickly through their support.

The pop downloading functions perfectly, and the spam/antivirus functions are superb for a product of this price. If they had an intellegent content filter in the package it would be the ultimate email solution without the need for any other third party products.

If you can set up the software properly.. and it really isn't that difficult, you will get very impressive results.
"Simple and functional" - Leon van der Zanden [January 5, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
It just does what it says. Excelent and no useless features.
"Excellent Program, but got ripped off" - Tom [December 6, 2004] Product Rating: 3/5
I love this program, but since I upgraded to the Pro version and tried to begin scanning for viruses, even after I upgrade my license to extend the subscription I can not get the virus definitions to upgdate. Popcon just tells me either I am expired or it can't reach the license server. So, I paid for a feaure I can't seem to get working, and of course once you buy their software, no matter what they say on their web site, you are on your own---NO support ever, at all.
"Lack of support - gimme a break!" - Olaf [August 30, 2004] Product Rating: 4/5
As a product manager for a software developement shop I can appreciate PopCon's situation. When you sell this product, where you gross $100, ONCE in its lifetime, there isn't enough revenue to offer support. Compare the prices to the competition. You bought it because its cheap. Its like buying a buying a cheap PC and wanting a 3 year warranty.
"Great Product, but God help you if you need support." - John [July 13, 2004] Product Rating: 2/5
Bought PopconPro a while back, effective and simple product, but only recently needed to turn on RAV antivirus engine. It doesnt' update itself and I don't even know if its working. Have had some email support from Claus but think he must be busy with other projects because the time he devotes to PopCon Pro support is minimal.
In summary - Great and easy to use product when its working - but if something goes wrong don't expect a response within business-like time scales. Bad support spoils a good product.
"Cheap & effective" - Mark Bajaj [May 24, 2004]
Great cheap product. unlike other cheap products, it does what it says - spam protection, anti-virus & pop redirection. VERY easy to set up, running in under 10 minutes. Now if only everything with exchange was this simple.....
"No Problems with this Product." - Martin Roberts [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
This was the second product I tried and it worked within 5 minutes of downloading and installing.

I followed the configuration notes that are provided to get my pop3 mail into my exchange 2000 mailboxes easy as pie. Support? Who needs it, its so simple.

I purchased a copy there and then, thanks POPCON
"support no problem" - Klaus Peter Blaesing [January 8, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
The Author is german and as fellow german i spoke to him several times. (email works well as well)
anti virus works well (in background) it updates regular (but i always check with mcaffee as well for new worms/permutations spam feature works great
and new features in new version will make it even better. Keep up the good work
"Usefull but Support ..." - Hans [June 5, 2003]
Never got an answer from the support. Anyway this tool works fine. Fixes bug in Exchange-Entourage mail transfer. 'Leave Mail on Host' option only for debuging usefull because it receives some mails every time mail retrieval is started.
"popcon" - Mike [May 15, 2003]
Really, easy to install, it's very easy to use, easy to uninstall, BUT!!! it's only for latin code pages. Russian messages body sended in text only mode with MS Outlook Express will be unreadable after this greatest tool. So sad.
"Windows 2000" - Lee [May 12, 2003]
Not very happy with W2k. Service keeps locking up.
"Support? Who needs support?" - John [May 5, 2003]
Obviously they (CS)don't think anyone does...They don't call, they don't write....

I have used this program for about 2 years - works great and am very happy with it. BUT THE SUPPORT SUCKS
"Great" - Andreas Itzigehl [April 25, 2003]
nice and cheap software. excellent filters an forwarding options.

We use this software since two years and Christensen Software's support was fine when we encountered some Bugs in 2.8x...
"Great Product" - Elcio Favare [September 27, 2002]
This is a great product. I use it to download 110 mailboxes, pooling every 5 minutes. Claus has been doing a great job, I bought an 1 year old license and christensen software has released new (improved) version frequently.

"Cheap, easy to set up and it works !" - Tim [August 23, 2002]
Took 10 minutes to configure with a Demon ADSL service and hasn't failed since. Best of a few I tried before settling on the Pro Version (maybe the answer to the AV query above). Couldn't want more...
"Simple but effective" - Rob [July 9, 2002]
It took 10 minutes to set up PopCon to receive pop3 email from two "freebie" pop accounts plus a Demon UK account.

Simple, straightforward, and in particular an excellent scheduling system that reduces unwanted overnight calls.

For £80 sterling, we have unlimited email accounts for 1800 users (students) using Exchange. I still can't believe this was all so easy to do...

Only reservation - PopCon supposedly comes with AV checking, but despite adding that to our licence there's no visible log or configuration for it.

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