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~ Fax servers with client software

ACCPAC FAXserve Rating:  (43 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: August 5, 2002
FAXserve is an add-on to e-mail, unified messaging, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and business-to-business applications. It sends, receives and broadcasts faxes. Allows user to annotate faxes on-screen and archive them directly to network. Supports routing.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$695.00
:: Company ::ACCPAC International, Inc. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.accpac.com
:: Email ::sales@accpac.com

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Comments for ACCPAC FAXserve:
"Faxserve for Netware" - P.T. [February 7, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
For all of you exchange users you get what you deserve. I have been running faxserve for netware for 7 years with no problems. Upgrades sometimes can be tricky but that is true with many other software products.
"Considering upgrade from 6.0.500.1" - David Lann [July 19, 2005] Product Rating: 3/5
I have been running FAXserv 6 on Windows 2000 over 4 years and prior to that ran FAXserv 5 on NetWare. The Windows version would hang the server under certain conditions when an incomming call (fax or wrong number) would not hang up the line on one of the four port Brooktrout DID cards. Required a service shutdown and restart. Some setup and service issues. Clients are w95, w98, w2k and xp; some the fax goes to Outlook and some in an explorer window. I do not use Exchange. I more that got my money's worth from the past versions of this product. With Windows 2003 and AD commping on line soon I may need a new solution even if I keep the W2K server running with FAXserv only, but the AD upgrades on the W2K servers for the Windows2003 compatibility may not work. I would rate past versions of the produce as a 4, but this new release looks like a 3 or less.
"The new Faxserve 8 - a big leap forward" - Nathan Wright [June 22, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
The new 2Point company must be doing something right. Faxserve 6 was ok for us, but was getting a bit old. We never tried version 7 - did not even know it existed, but we upgraded recently to version 8 after considering several other products. The new feature enhancements made to version 8 are wonderful and the product has been rock solid. We send about 8 thousand faxes per day and the integration with sql server was just what we needed. I can now recommend this to all of the other organizations I come across.
"Finally, some help" - John Berg [May 5, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
ACCPAC did not seem to understand the product, but with 2Point (new ownership) I get great service and the one minor problem I had was resolved in a few minutes of being on the phone. Much happier now.
"Faxserve = JUNK ver 7 & 8 " - Mike [May 2, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
Been working with version 7 for 2 months trying to implement. various server and client issues. unable to send faxes from client. Tried version 8 for 2 months now same problems. They keep blaming someone else. Stay away!
"FaxServe 7.0 - big problems." - William Loblaw [May 2, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
Was a hassle to install - Reg. code would not work and Exchange connector difficult to set up. Support system is terrible - no automated queuing system so you have to keep trying and trying to get through to the limited number of agents. Now we have discovered that after every tenth page, six pages are missing from the fax. Found this site looking for solution to last problem and thought I would post. Have to search for solution on net... reaching support is too time consuming! Look elsewhere.
"Faxserve is good for us" - Jon Kim [March 21, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
Contrary to what others have said, I find this product to be very useful. It was a good design that did not force me to pay for port licenses. The latest 2Point version of Faxserve seems to be very robust. I talked to one of the engineers, it looks like the original Cheyenne engineers now own the company.
"Find a Alternative solution" - Chris FUgett [March 11, 2005] Product Rating: 2/5
We have been using this product for a couple of years. It stops running constantly, it hogs server processing speed, and is just plain unreliable. I used to like their support but since they farmed that out to 2point, I have yet to be able to contact a live person. They need their inhouse support back.
"ACCPAC FaxServe" - Todd Arno [December 10, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Product is not one I would recommend to anyone. Installation and setup is a nightmare and getting support is an even bigger challenge. Company obviously must be selling it again as assisting customers are not a priority!
"Faxserve and Netware - what a hassel" - Martin [November 12, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
After 4 days of fighting and struggling I am now ready to find an alternate fax solution.
"Not a great product" - Michael Tetrault [September 9, 2003]
I've been running Faxserve for two years now and now I'm trying to find a better solution. I've had numerous problems with this product the worst of which has been is unique ability to ruin its log database which causes the entire thing to come searching to a halt. In fairness the company I work for sends a lot of faxes and for a company that didn't send quite so many this probably wouldn't be as big a problem but even without this issue it still isn't exactly a feature rich program. The SMTP gateway is a joke and so is the exchange gateway. The client options are also very limited both in features and functionality.
"Faxserve = NoServe!" - Xcaper [September 1, 2003]
Been stuck with Fserve for a number of years. Server side has been 75% solid but the clients have been a nightmare!Biggest problem has been the viewfax application as well as interation into Outlook. Not a product to consider!
"Not worth the hassle" - P.S. [August 11, 2003]
Attempted a demo version while we were thinking of upgrading. Could not get the product to work properly, even with assistance of tech suppport. As mentioned it's no wonder CA doesn't peddle this product anymore.
"Definitely NOT worth the pain." - J.R. [April 14, 2003]
Getting FAXserve working on the server properly was a pain by itself. Even with the updated files off of their web site, I STILL had major issues with it (File update instructions incorrect, older Brooktrout driver needed to correct 100% CPU utilization issue, etc., etc.).

And to top it off; No ODBC integration in its own client! Give me a break! Even WinFax has ODBC linking! Telling my client they have to use Outlook is not an option.

No wonder Computer Associates doesn’t have their name on it anymore.
"Upgrade everything so you can run FaxServe.... NOT" - Tim [November 14, 2002]
FaxServeIT for Exchange v5 will not work with AD. ACCPAC's solution to this is to upgrade to AD, then Exchange 2k, then to FaxServe for Exchange v6. Great idea ACCPAC! Lets upgrade all three products at once. That is a small project. How about I just purchase FaxMaker from GFI that will work with AD and Exchange 5.5.

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