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~ Fax servers with client software

NetCFax Networked Server Rating:  (24 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: January 9, 2006
Fully networked fax server plus clients system that uses TCP/IP connectivity for all communication between server and clients. Clients can have access to just their own, or all faxes held on the server, depending on login rights they are assigned. Faxes can be both sent and received by the server, and the use of multiple fax modems is fully supported. Received faxes can be routed to login accounts or even groups, optional security timeouts to log clients off are provided, which stops all access to client configuration settings. Faxes may be printed locally or remotely, and the server can generate automatic printing of faxes, cover sheets and transmission reports on both received and outgoing faxes if required. No network shares or user permissions are required on the fax server's machine due to the use of TCP/IP for all connections between server and clients, making the system easy to install and also more secure. A full programmers API is provided to allow you to "fax enable" your own applications, even if the NetCfax server is on a different networked PC, using the API's built in TCP communications ability.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$99.95
:: Company ::NetcPlus Internet Solutions, Inc - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.netcplus.com
:: Email ::info@netcplus.com

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Comments for NetCFax Networked Server:
"Over all a good product" - Chris Rothe [August 29, 2008] Product Rating: 4/5
We needed something we could integrate with our VB6 application and NetCFax has done this well. The support has generally been rapid and good although the tech does seem to have an 'attitude'. Not 100% bug free (what software is) but has lots of good features and has served us well for around eighteen months.
"This product really is is the best available" - Joan Wilson [October 12, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
We have looked at all the fax system offerings over several months, and NetCfax really is far and away THE VERY BEST system available today

You just have to try it for yourself, to see how easy it is to set up, and yet how very powerful it can be.

We registered the Pro+ v3.5 after our extensive testing and could not be happier with the package, it saves us thousands of dollars of wasted time, ans is now an essential item in our computing arsenal

Don't waste your time with other systems, NetCfax really is the one stop solution !!!

"Worst software ever!" - Kurt N [February 8, 2006] Product Rating: 1/5
If you're looking for a well engineered, well supported, product then look elsewhere. I have never before found a product that promised so much and delivered so little. Support is impossible to get a hold of and much like a previous poster when I have gotten a hold of him he was rude and hardly knowledgeable about a product he purportedly programmed. Save yourself the time and effort of hassling with these hacks and shop elsewhere.
"NetCFax is simply a superb product" - William Ellis [February 7, 2006]
We downloaded the trial version of v3.00.5 recently, installed the fax server in a very few minutes, and also had a fax client installed and working a few minutes after that. The entire process was made so simple for us that frankly we couldn't believe it could be that easy.

We then went through the Word format manual provided, and were amazed at just how much functionality this system is able to provide if you want to use the advanced features. We did have a small problem in understanding how to get the routing of received faxes to work the way we wanted, but a call to the folks at NetCPlus support was met with courtesy and they provided us with all the information we could have possibly wanted.

We have tried quite a few of the features in NetCFax Pro now, and to date they have all worked exactly as they are documented to work.

Its so rare to find software that is proving to be very robust, well designed for business users, and highly flexible - you REALLY DO HAVE TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF.
"NetCFax is a truly great system !!" - Simon Green [February 7, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
We recently tried the evaluation version of NetCFax Pro v3, and were very impressed by its ease of installation and yet amazed by the amount of functionality it provides.

If as we were, you are looking for a very reasonbly priced, powerful networked fax system then you need look no further, as NetCFax really is the solution you need.

We have now registered our copy, and we have to say that all our dealings with the folks at NetCPlus have been handled rapidly and with courtesy, and it has been a pleasure dealing with them.
"NetCfax is a TRULY GREAT PRODUCT !!" - olwen Edwards [July 20, 2005]
I cannot understand the two comments about this company or their product. I had it working within 30 minutes on my network, and when I called them to ask a few questions,they were most helpful. All in All a great product, and a helpful company - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!
"NetCFax is a a TRULY AMAZING PRODUCT" - Adam Blaise [July 19, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I am very surprised to read any negative comments about this product. I can only suspect the caller below maybe started off with the wrong attitude toward these guys. NetCfax installed quickly and easily, and I had the fax clients sending faxes within 15 minutes. I did call the support folks to check the comment above out, and was met with a courteous and very helpful attitude and was provided with all the information I asked for.
"NetCFax - Bad product- bad service-bad owner" - Denny Workman [May 11, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
I need help testing the product but when I called I got VERY BAD response and UNPROFESSIONAL treatment from the Tech/owner. He had an attitude and I decided to stop wasting my time testing the product. Very bad customer service.
"NetCFax - Bad Experience" - Steve Moss [May 5, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
Awful user interface makes the product pretty much unusable. Does not work correctly with some popular modems. No cover page designer. Uninstaller fails to clean product installer's registry changes, leaving machine in a state preventing it from using other fax software.

All-in-all, I'd recommend you stay well clear of this product.
"NetCfax" - Rick Shaffer [April 20, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
Excellent product. I've used winfax pro for years. This beats winfax pro by miles. Much easier to install and configure. Plus it actually works on win xp pro with sp2.
"VERY FAST TO CONFIGURE AND EASY TO USE " - C. H. [March 1, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I just set this up for an office of seven users. It was a clean install (no glitches) and took only five minutes per PC to install/configure.

  Showing comments 1-11 of 11  

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