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bt-WebFilter for ISA/TMG Rating:  (157 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: January 18, 2013
Automate Internet access management and create a safe, secure and productive working environment with Burstek’s bt-WebFilter. WebFilter installs on Microsoft ISA/TMG to provide flexible Web access and protection for your employees. With Active Directory support and 60+ predefined Web categories, WebFilter offers blocking by user, group, IP, bandwidth quota, file types, etc. If ISA/TMG is on your radar, our standalone WebFilter proxy offers the same filtering and blocking options which you can transfer at no additional cost. WebFilter’s replication feature ensures you to keep multiple servers in sync with automatic replication of policies, schedules, quotas, changes to AD and URL Control List updates.

Burstek’s sophisticated suite of filtering, blocking, monitoring, and reporting solutions will help you manage and secure your network environment - easy to install, easy to use, flexible, and customizable for both small and large user counts. Try our fully functional evaluation today.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Burstek - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.burstek.com
:: Email ::sales@burstek.com

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Comments for bt-WebFilter for ISA/TMG:
"A Big Help" - Jorge Diaz [September 27, 2011] Product Rating: 5/5
A Big Help
Hi all, sorry for my bad English.
More than a year and a half I'm using this software with excellent results.
It has helped me a lot to do filtering and access reports in a way too easy.
I recommend it 100% because in my case was the solution to what he was looking for a long time.
Optimized a lot of my time and efficiency.

"bt-WebFilter - Great Software, Great Company!" - Duane Hulderman [April 15, 2010] Product Rating: 5/5
Since installing Burstek's bt-WebFilter in late 2007, our company has seen a drastic increase in productivity. With the software going online, associates were unable to connect to 3rd party chat software, or through Facebook and MySpace which was the biggest problem. Sports and stats were another large problem, along with messenger services, etc. All of these have been stopped. At first, of course there was some issues where people were upset their sites and services no longer worked and began to start asking questions, or tell us that their computers were not working correctly anymore. This of course was not the case and their systems were fine. They could no longer access the services they had been able to any longer. The setup was very simple and integrated directly with ISA and our domain. It's a great software package and when our company has needed to call support, which has only been 1 time just after install for a quick fix, they were able to correctly identify the problem and we were in business. Since our purchase, we have had no problems and it continues to work flawlessly and updates have also installed without any problems..Thanks Burstek... Duane IT/Web/Catalog Director Josuda Corporation
"Great Product" - Heiko Weidhase [October 26, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
Very good package at a reasonable price. Excellent and friendly support service.
"Best of all that we evaluated!" - Jeremy [August 4, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
We evaluated 3 of the products for filtering ISA server content and I was unable to make any of the others work except WebFilter. I installed this product and rebooted the server and everything has been perfect ever since. There is almost no management for this product. There are lots of options, but it works perfect with no configuration!
"Later found out how Overpriced this product is!!!" - Chris [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
The product works fine but the company was not clear on the licensing. The licensing is subscription based and is very expensive when compared to other products over the long run. Sales was unclear with this until after we purchased the product. Other products do not have this limitation.
"Sponsorship " - Greg Lynch [July 7, 2003]
We teach MS ISA Server in our Diploma of Network Engineering, where we also evaluate filtering products, one of which is ISAFilter. We consider ISAFilter to be one of the best around.

Recently we installed our own ISA Server and chose ISAFilter because of its simple configuration and the ability to enforce download quotas.

Burst Technologies were excellent offering us a great sponsorship deal.

After looking at other products we definately recommend ISAFilter.
"Best we evaluated" - RJ [May 10, 2003]
Our needs were for a decent filtering that could procide proactive alerts. This product is the most basic out there - but it works the best. Full MMC - and not proprietory naff UI's. Does the job. Help & support is 2nd to none. More false positives than others, but this was MINIMAL. Database is smaller than others, but still damn good - and has other tricks to detect. We evaluated 5-6 products - we'll go with this. though no proactive "alerts", this can be easily added via in-house "intranet" - as product is very flexible and very easy to interface with. I'd recommend you trial it - we were expecting nothing and were pleasently surprised. Good price too!
"Pretty Good" - Ben [November 29, 2002]
I trialed the software for a few days and found it very easy to install and set up. Tech support are very quick and clued up too. The only thing it doesn't do that we needed was 1/2 hour schedules.... shame.
"ISAfilter" - Shawn O'Leary [August 14, 2002]
Great product, extremely robust and stable. Excellent support.
"ISAFilter" - Eric Rowcroft [July 4, 2002]
This is a pretty nice software package at a great price. The support has been great, with quick responses to every e-mail.

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