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Merak Rating:  (36 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: June 28, 2002
Merak Email Server Software is an email solution for office LAN or Internet communication. Merak email server software runs on Windows 2000/NT/9x and supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP Internet protocols. It includes features such as full multi-domain support, security features and more.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::$980
:: Company ::IceWarp Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.icewarp.com
:: Email ::info@icewarp.com

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Comments for Merak:
"Merak evaluation" - Tom [February 11, 2004] Product Rating: 2/5
I downloaded a trial version and installed it to evaluate it. There is no clear documentation and I could not get the program to work properly. While experimenting, it hung the computer once and also some screens overflow or overlap the viewing area and you can't read them. Looks like it has the potential to be an awesome program, but poor design and/or lacking coherent program management make it scary.
"Great product. Support and documentation poor at best" - Brandon [January 6, 2004] Product Rating: 4/5
I have used this product in the commercial environment for a year and it is by far the most stable product on the market. However setting up some features can get a bit complicated and their documentation usually runs about two or three versions behind. The last support instance I had was ok but before that they were horrible.
"The best value mail server on the market" - Steve [September 9, 2003]
Compare the features of this mail server with any other and nothing comes close to Merak. Web mail, web admin, integrated virus scanning, comprehensive spam protection - this product has it all. Free updates for 12 months on product, spam protection and virus updates (Referring to Merak Mail Standard Spam Pack). Virus updates after 12 months only $90US at time of writing, compare this to GMS or any other. Try the product before buying any other, you won't be disappointed.
"You have to pay extra for basic add-ons" - Jeff Penhale [August 11, 2003]
The server works fine, but it is a little costly when you have to pay extra to utilise the Instant Messenger and Anti-Spam functions.

Support is also poor.
"Very poor support for Merak, very bad." - A paying customer [June 6, 2003]
Product has serious defects in the firewall and the listserver (enough to make the listserver impractical to use). Their support is worthless and they are very pompous about their product. I wish I could have discovered this early on in order to go with another product.
"The price as listed may be a bit high" - Sam Robinson [October 23, 2002]
Merak offers a number of configurations. Unless you have a really large enterprise, the next level below the full blown one ($460 at this writing) may be all you need. The more expensive version allows the MTA to stay fully memory resident, a nice feature if you've got several thousand users, but for those of us with a couple of hundred, this doesn't seem necessary.

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