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Mail Storage Guard for MS Exchange and IIS Rating:  (36 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: September 11, 2003
Mail Storage Guard is an extension for Microsoft Exchange 2000/5.5 and IIS SMTP servers, designed to protect your mail server from spam, prevents mail relaying, mail bomb and NDR attacks. The protection is realized both on the level of SMTP protocol and on the level of message delivery to storage. Mail Storage Guard follows all incoming mail which comes to your SMTP server and if the message is spam then it is deleted, rejected, sent to mail server administrator or set to Bad mail folder. Features include: Protection on SMTP protocol level; Protection on transport level; Message delivery only to registered receivers; Message blocking with the help of Senders Black-List; Message blocking with the help of DNS blackhole list; Sending of the blocked messages to mail server administrator and more.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$69
:: Company ::MAPILab Ltd. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.mapilab.com
:: Email ::info@mapilab.com

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Comments for Mail Storage Guard for MS Exchange and IIS:
"Crashes Many Services" - Edgar [August 3, 2005] Product Rating: 2/5
Installed trial. Seemed to work great. However, FTP, POP, IIS, SMTP, and other services were stopping. Once I stopped Mail Storage Guard everything was fine. Sent email to support -- they have no phone support -- and they claim they have never seen this problem.
"Mail Storage Guard Killing IIS" - Shannon [December 14, 2004] Product Rating: 2/5
Installed trial version on Server 2003. IIS died after a few hours and could not be restarted w/o server reboot. Behavior repeated until stopping MSG in IIS solved the problem. We will be uninstalling MSG and go with something else. The MSG install is simple and the filtering appears to work, but the IIS-killing side effect's unacceptable.
"Mail Storage Guard crashes inetinfo.exe" - Vassili Jakovlev [June 11, 2004] Product Rating: 2/5
The same problem. When I deactivate Mail Storage Guard all works fine.
"Outgoing Mails always in queue" - Berni [April 14, 2004] Product Rating: 2/5
After the installation of MS Guard outgoing Mails remains in the Queue. When I deactive the program everything works fine.
Our support request to the company was not acknowledged.
"MS Guard Crashes inetinfo.exe" - Sean Forbes [March 26, 2004]
We have removed our installation of this product because with microsofts help we pinpointed our inetinfo.exe crash to a heap corruption problem caused by this product. Our support request to the company was not acknowledged.

  Showing comments 1-5 of 5  

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