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Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security Rating:  (173 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: December 3, 2012
Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security is comprised of components for the protection of Linux and Windows workstations, file servers and mail systems.

Highlights: Protection for workstations and servers from viruses, Trojans and worms; Protection for mail servers such as Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix and Exim; Scanning of all messages transmitted via Microsoft Exchange servers; Scanning of messages, databases and other objects on Lotus Domino servers; Protection from phishing and spam attacks; Blocking of virus epidemics; Scalability

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Kaspersky Lab - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.kaspersky.com
:: Email ::info@us.kaspersky.com

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Comments for Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security:
"Kaspersky Antivirus" - Milind Naphade [February 21, 2006] Product Rating: 3/5
As a System Administrator, I have been facing the problem of virus attacks frequently. KasperSky antivirus is one of the best antivirus programs I have ever used. If compared to other antivirus software in the market, it is the only effective yet reasonable solution from virus attack in the network as well as personal computers. Archive scanning is one of the nice features available with it.
"It is the best so far." - Donnie Crump [July 20, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I, like others, have tried all other big names in the antivirus world and come up short. I was a die hard PC-Cillin user until a few days ago when it let a trojan and a virus on my computer. Based on user feedback I tried Kaspersky pro. It cleaned up the viruses and found a few others. Here is the kicker. I uploaded the file and virus name to Trend Micros virus database (before cleaning) and they still have yet to even look at it or update their product. Pretty sad. Kaspersky is a little pricy, but it works. Cost is small compaired to the cost of having my identity or bank info stolen. Note To Kaspersky .... What ever you do don't sell out and become like the other major players. They built their customer base and then started taking 4 hour lunch breaks or something. Money does cloud the mind I guess. Keep up the good work.
"Kaspersky anti virus 5.20.0" - Leo [May 12, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I have tried all kinds of antivirus softwares including norton, mcafee,pc cillin. I have used kaspersky for more than a year and it works The best.
"Amazing...." - George [May 2, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
I can say that because Kaspersky exists, the best anti-virus software is not from USA, but is from Russia.I saw what Kaspersky can do!Have trust in it cause it is the best!
"Kaspersky" - Nick [October 26, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
Kaspersky Antivirus forever rules! Customizable, convenient, daily updates, possibility of archiving antivirus bases in case of reinstallment... I know a lot of people who had Norton and still got infected with adware and spyware -- Kaspersky kill any kind of stuff like this! By far the best one.
"Really impressive " - H L Roshan Karunasena [October 11, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
This is the best we have tested so far. We have banged our heads with the rest of the big Antivirus players, Trend, Mcafee and even good old Symantec. None of which were able to provide adequate protection against the newer Virus codes like kaspersky does.
We actually came across this product through GFI mail security.
"Kaspersky Anti-Virus" - Kaspersky Anti-Virus [June 10, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
Kaspersky is by far the best. Beats nortons by a mile. Nod32 is nice to. But nothing compairs to Kaspersky
"KAV" - Burningmace [May 6, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
KAV is the best and most powerful anti-virus software that I have ever seen. It performs a scan of every file you run without slowdown, and prevents it from executing if it finds any trace of malicious code. It scans code from EXEs, BATs, COMs, CPP modules, VB modules, other programming code, HTML pages, etc for any malicious code, even if the virus code is not in it's database. It discovers new viruses in real-time and uploads code back to Kaspersky for further analysis. It can look through archived files (ZIP, TAR, RAR, Self Extracting EXE, etc), emails, partially downloaded files and documents. It quarantines files by encryption and lockdown. Quarantine on the KAV server is optional. Scans slowly whilst you work, to save operational speed, and scans faster when you are idle. A full scan takes quite a while, but will find just about anything. It is not very user freindly, and is for experienced users only, I feel. The only other downside is that it can cause anti-code-scan programming to be triggered, such as some games.
"Kaspersky Anti-Virus" - Yiannis [October 31, 2003] Product Rating: 5/5
This is the best Anti-Virus Program that I have ever used ... Big flexibility for working in a network with alot of useful configuration. Very effective in detecting even unknown viruses ...

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