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~ Firewall security log analyzers

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InsideOut Firewall Reporter Rating:  (49 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: September 23, 2002 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
InsideOut Firewall Reporter is a real time tool that runs in a browser and provides details about Internet traffic that help you make decisions for maximizing your company's Internet usage - contains hacker alerts that not only tells you who's persistently chipping away at your firewall, but also notifies you if your specified refusal threshold is being threatened - supplies employee usage patterns by individual - generates reports quickly by consolidating data in real time - contains 10 major report categories and a powerful filtering capability, offering you more than 150 useful reports and uses a drill-down feature to zoom in quickly and easily on activity during specific time periods at any point in the past.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$175
:: Company ::Stonylake Solutions - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.stonylakesolutions.com
:: Email ::sales@stoneylakesolutions.com

WebSpy Vantage Rating:  (10 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: April 1, 2010 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
WebSpy Vantage places information at your fingertips, empowering you to improve many aspects of your business. You can investigate network usage and solve traffic problems. Vantage lets you eliminate excessive bandwidth consumption by tracking problem areas / users. Managing unproductive Internet and email usage and investigating the integrity of threat management implementations are also achieved using information provided by Vantage.

Vantage’s key attribute lies in its ability to import and translate different types of log files, providing drill down capabilities with a comprehensive choice of customizable reports. Analysing a range of log files from around your network in a single, central solution gives you all the information you need. Vantage is brought to you by expert log file analysis vendor, WebSpy Ltd, the developers of other monitoring and reporting solutions such as Analyzer, Live and Insight for Microsoft SBS Premium.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

Apr '10

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Company ::WebSpy - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.webspy.com
:: Email ::marketing@webspy.com

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer Rating:  (35 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 17, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Firewall Analyzer is an agent-less Log Analytics and Configuration Management Software for network security devices. The product is used for end-point security monitoring & analysis, change management, employee Internet monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, capacity planning, policy enforcement, security & compliance audit reporting.

Firewall Analyzer is vendor-agnostic and supports almost all open source and commercial network firewalls (Check Point, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Snort, Squid Project, SonicWALL, Palo Alto, etc…), IDS/IPS, VPNs, Proxies and related security devices. Targeted at network security administrators & MSSPs who would like to centrally collect, archive, analyze security device logs, and generate forensic reports.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::$395
:: Company ::Zoho Corp - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.manageengine.com
:: Email ::eval@manageengine.com

SecureScope Rating:  (14 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: August 9, 2003 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
SecureScope is an innovative three-dimensional visualization tool used to discover patterns in information security data and improve the situational awareness of information security officers. Its interactive 3-D display presents an integrated "big picture" perspective of an organization's numerous network security sensors and devices, providing for early detection of network security events and incidents, allowing the user to act quickly in thwarting network attacks. SecureScope visualizes data collected from a single sensor, such as an IDS, or a combination of sensors, such as an IDS, Firewall, Audit Log or ESM systems.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$18,000
:: Company ::Secure Decisions - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.securedecisions.com
:: Email ::info@securedecisions.com

ProxyInspector for ISA Server Rating:  (120 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: August 31, 2012 Reviews: 2 reviews - View / Submit
ProxyInspector for ISA Server is a solution for companies that use Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2004/2006 web proxy and firewall or Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway to connect their corporate LANs to Internet. This tool analyzes the Web proxy and firewall log files and produces reports on bandwidth consumption by each individual or workgroup, sites visited, users' activity distribution by hours and days of the week etc. Features also include customizable charts, reports export in HTML ,Excel or PDF format, report generation and log files processing on schedule.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

Aug '12

Sep '11

Aug '10

Oct '09

Aug '08

Aug '06

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$349
:: Company ::ADVSoft - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.advsoft.info
:: Email ::info@advsoft.info

SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP Servers Rating:  (30 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: December 23, 2009 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers provides affordable inbound and outbound email security with a powerful spam filter that serves as a Microsoft Exchange or SMTP firewall. Its multiple analysis tools separate threats from legitimate email, while leveraging proven anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and anti-spoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results.

SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers features simple administration using an intuitive, task-oriented interface and offers comprehensive reporting that identifies email traffic patterns and potential problems. Its powerful filtering engine is based on the industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language and its Defense Layer Customization can prioritize operations a specific security rule will execute when analyzing incoming or outgoing mail traffic. Simple Administration, Powerful Filtering, Accurate Results!

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$297.00
:: Company ::Alt-N Technologies - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.altn.com
:: Email ::sales@helpdesk.altn.com

ICFMeister Rating:  (4 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: December 7, 2004 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
ICFMeister is designed for monitoring the activities of the ICF - the Internet Connection Firewall that is built into Windows XP. The information ICFMeister delivers can help you detect hacking attempts and sort out problems with internet-capable programs on your computer. A single installation can harvest ICF log data throughout your network without the need for multiple licences. ICFMeister reads the logs generated by the ICF on your PC and on other XP computers in your network, and presents them to you in a consistent format. Where possible, ICFMeister provides additional information to help make sense of the log data. Hover the mouse over an IP address, and you see the corresponding network name in a tooltip. Hover over a port number, and you get the most common uses of that port. You can filter, sort and reorganize display columns to assist with detailed analysis and data presentation. Floating satellite windows let you minimize ICFMeister to your system tray yet still see the latest data as it arrives. You can export a log in various formats including text, csv, xml, and formatted html reports. You can even publish your logs as RSS feeds. ICFMeister will monitor your logs 24/7, watching out for firewall activity that interests you.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$19.99
:: Company ::Technology Lighthouse - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.tlhouse.co.uk
:: Email ::swestlake@tlhouse.co.uk

GFI EventsManager Rating:  (209 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: November 8, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
GFI EventsManager is an award-winning events monitoring, management and archiving solution, that supports a wide range of event types such as W3C, Windows events, Sylogs and SNMP traps generated by devices such as firewalls, routers and sensors.

GFI EventsManager uses event processing and filtering technologies to identify key events out of the box. Advanced event processing rules allow you to filter out unwanted/trivial events and generate alerts on key issues. GFI EventsManager provides real-time alerting when critical events arise, suggests remedial actions and if applicable triggers corrective actions by automatically launching scripts and executable files. The built-in processing rules provided with the product, add significant value to its functionality aspects, because the information is very difficult to find and requires levels of expertise which are not necessary available to end users.

A free, fully functional, 30-day trial is available for download on our website.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

Mar '12

Mar '09

Mar '08

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Company ::GFI Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.gfi.com
:: Email ::info@gfi.com

WallFire: wflogs Rating:  (0 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 1, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Wflogs is a firewall log analysis tool. It can be used to produce a log summary report in plain text, HTML and XML, or to monitor firewalling logs in real-time. It is part of the WallFire project, but can be used independently. Wflogs is "libre" (free as a speech, in English) software. It is mainly written in C++ and is intended to run on every *nix system.

Current wflogs input modules are: netfilter (Linux 2.4 and 2.6 firewall logs); ipchains (Linux 2.2 firewall logs); ipfilter (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, SunOS 4, IRIX and HP-UX running ipfilter firewall logs); cisco_pix (Cisco PIX filter logs); cisco_ios (Cisco IOS filter logs); snort (Snort ACLs logs)

:: Platform :: Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::WallFire - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.wallfire.org
:: Email ::rv@wallfire.org

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