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AppliDis Universal Printer Rating:  (2 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 6, 2006 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
The AppliDis Universal Printer device provides a universal printer solution for the Terminal Server environment. AppliDis UP uses virtualization techology for real printer drivers.

AppliDis UP allows you to manage the following details from different interface pages: manage all desired printer settings without limitations; Manage compression and optimisation of the printing files; manage print flow and limit the bandwidth taken up by the print flow; Manage the AppliDis software license

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Systancia - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.systancia.com
:: Email ::commercial@systancia.fr

Terminal/Remote Desktop Services Printing Tips Rating:  (1 vote) - Vote
Last Updated: July 17, 2009 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
The UniPrint PDF-based universal printer driver replaces all manufacturer printer drivers, enabling easy remote desktop access, and consistently fast printing. Thin-client and fat-client users, using Windows or MAC, can print to network, multiple function and personal printers. Printing in the office, from home, any branch/remote site, or across continents is seamless to the user. Administrators can remotely deploy and centrally manage printers using Active Directory group policies. UniPrint also compresses print jobs to PDF files, thereby optimizing bandwidth availability.

Two versions are available: UniPrint Gateway Terminal Server Edition supporting Microsoft Terminal Services, and UniPrint Gateway Edition supporting Citrix (XenApp, Presentation and MetaFrame) Servers.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::Licensed per server
:: Company ::UniPrint - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.uniprint.net
:: Email ::sales@uniprint.net

Print2RDP Rating:  (3 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: February 27, 2008 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Print2RDP configures itself to present the user with a printing solution allowing them to print any file from a terminal server environment directly to their local or network PC. Print2RDP is compatible with any available windows printer driver, including USB printers, network printers and even virtual printer drivers used in fax and document imaging applications.

Print2RDP creates a virtual printer driver for each client printer to be mapped on the terminal server. The virtual printer drivers appear as available printers and will be identifiable to the printing user. Terminal Server users can print to the virtual printer drivers as they would print to any printer from any Windows application.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

May '08

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Black Ice Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.blackice.com
:: Email ::Sales@BlackIce.com

UniPrint Terminal Server Edition Rating:  (21 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: March 3, 2008 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
UniPrint Terminal Server Edition is a printing solution for simplifying and maximizing printing functionality in Microsoft Terminal Services environments. Simple and easy to install, integrate, manage and use, the UniPrint universal printer driver eliminates multiple printer driver incompatibility issues. It restores server stability, and enables efficient and reliable printing. Capable of generating PDF files, UniPrint also offers the added benefit of bandwidth conservation. UniPrint TSE is available for 32- and 64-bit.

30-day free evaluation copy available.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

Jan '07

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::UniPrint - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.uniprint.net
:: Email ::sales@uniprint.net

Print-2-Image Rating:  (9 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: April 26, 2007 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Print-2-Image is an image printer driver that enables you to convert any printable document or file into a high quality image. With Print-2-Image, you can create images in TIFF, PCX, DCX, and PNG formats. Print-2-Image acts like a regular Windows printer. To convert documents to image formats, simply print them to the Print-2-Image printer driver. Print-2-Image also offers features for batch conversion, multiple image outputs, multiple page formats, etc.

Print-2-Image is available in workstation, servers, and Terminal Server/Citrix editions. Print-2-Image Workstation Edition supports Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP Professional. Print-2-Image Server Edition supports Windows NT/2000/2003 Server. Print-2-Image Terminal Server Edition supports Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Server & Citrix. Print-2-Image also offers an OCX for application developers looking to incorporate image printer driver and image conversion functionality into their applications.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Imecom Group, Inc. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.imecominc.com
:: Email ::imecomsales@imecominc.com

Jetro CockpIT Rating:  (16 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: April 28, 2009 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Jetro COCKPIT is a Windows Terminal Service add-on. COCKPIT maximizes and exploits the power of Terminal Services by providing critical services that are necessary for enterprise deployments. These services include:

Scalability – COCKPIT offers the most powerful and flexible load-balancing engine available to get the most out of your servers and provide users with peak performance. Enable your IT to grow with your company by simply adding new servers into the COCKPIT farm. Security – Deliver centralized applications to users quickly and easily without opening Terminal Servers to users. Remote Access – Provide secure access to centralized applications for remote applications without exposing the Terminal Servers to the Internet and without expensive VPNs. Usability – Deliver seamless applications to users directly from the Start menu. Printing – COCKPIT's universal driver provides maintenance free printing from centralized applications to local printers. High print compression saves critical network bandwidth and maximum performance.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Jetro Platforms Ltd - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.jp-inc.com
:: Email ::info@jp-inc.com

Simplify Printing Rating:  (20 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: December 14, 2006 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Simplify Printing overcomes common Terminal Server print problems so your end users can print from any application to any printer, using all available printer settings. It lets you configure print settings at the group, user or terminal level using triCerat's driverless print engine and advanced driver management service.

Simplify Printing is a component of Simplify Suite, a powerful and comprehensive package of integrated server management tools available for reducing the cost and complexity of administering and supporting your Terminal Server-based infrastructure. It is also sold as a stand-alone product known as ScrewDrivers.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

May '08

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::triCerat, Inc - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.tricerat.com
:: Email ::sales@tricerat.com

RemoteScan for Terminal Services Rating:  (16 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: January 18, 2006 Reviews: 1 review - View / Submit
RemoteScan is a software solution that turns any document scanner, card scanner, flatbed scanner, or other imaging device, into a network device right out of the box. With RemoteScan ordinary as well as high-end scanners can now be shared with other PCs or Thin Clients across your entire network. Installed on a Terminal Services or Citrix Server, RemoteScan allows users at workstations (PCs or Thin Clients) to scan directly into any of their software applications which are running on the server.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::$189.99
:: Company ::RemoteScan Corporation - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.remote-scan.com
:: Email ::info@remote-scan.com

ScrewDrivers v4 Rating:  (36 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 21, 2006 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
ScrewDrivers v4 is triCerat's stand-alone print application that eliminates the hassle and challenge of managing drivers on your Terminal Server and Citrix environments, ending print problems that increase support cost and effort. Unlike other printing solutions that emulate a lowest-common denominator printer driver or are simply a backup for auto-creation failures, ScrewDrivers detects the user's printer attributes and dynamically creates a fully featured virtual printer. ScrewDrivers also overcome the limitations of print solutions based on PDF or EMF formats, providing unmatched document handling and print performance regardless of application or printer.

ScrewDrivers requires minimal configuration. When you're ready to stop managing drivers on your servers and provide users with problem-free printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, you're ready for ScrewDrivers.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::triCerat, Inc - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.tricerat.com
:: Email ::sales@tricerat.com

Print-IT Rating:  (1 vote) - Vote
Last Updated: October 17, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Using page streaming, font embedding, property caching, and bandwidth-throttling techniques, Print-IT delivers PDF print streams. Moreover, Print-IT enables a client device, regardless of platform or operating system, to print to ANY shared network printer, regardless of make, model, or print driver. Many valuable features have been added including: Automatic partial font embedding; Intelligent font embedding; A client option to “show printer properties”; Auto-created client and network universal printers now inherit the properties of their native counterparts; Automatic support for International language fonts; Client printers can now be auto-created synchronously (before the published application launches) or asynchronously (the published application doesn’t wait for all the printers to finish auto-creating); and more...

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company :: Quest Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.quest.com
:: Email ::info@quest.com

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